17:00 – 21:00



ICHI GO ICHI E・YOLO (one time, one meeting / You Only Live Once) 

Journey to the gallery for unique encounters with the World Tea Gathering artists through tea. Tonight marks the informal start of the World Tea Gathering. 

Impromptu tea rituals take place throughout the gallery as well as scheduled performances inspired by the spirit of tea.


Yumi Umiumare, Adam Wojciński and Erika Kobayashi will perform a tea ritual with no utensils, no tea. The performance elucidates the essence of tea ritual through the emotion of the human body. 


In addition to your bowl of tea, enjoy the hypnotic sounds of the Moonta Street band and take a tour with a Gallery Guide through some of our international displays. 


Cost: Free 

Where: Whole Gallery 



Performance piece:


Tea Shaman


Tea Shaman is a short performance piece by Yumi Umiumare, combining esoteric ritual, dance and a tea ceremony.


From the playful and imaginative world of Butoh, the kooky Tea Shaman conducts rituals for transformation and shape-shifting. A bowl of tea is created. The audience is ‘cleansed’ and 'purified’ by the Tea Shaman - and awaken to their  wild imagination.


- Yumi Umiumare


Performance piece:


One Word Prior to Speech 聲前一句 


'Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquility' are said to make up the moral/aesthetic essence of tea practice. Inspired by tea ritual, Yumi, Adam and Erika embody the internal workings of a gathering. Ultimate states of feeling have their own language, pointing to the rapture of finding the one ‘word’ prior to speech.




- Yumi Umiumare, Adam Wojciński and Erika Kobayashi