Adam Wojciński

Adam Wojciński has revolutionised the archetypal tea master for the 21st century. His tea gatherings are a dynamic play in artistic practices studied, borrowed and re-interpreted from disparate cultures around the world. Adam often employs elements of butoh, poetry, shibari, esoteric Buddhism, shamanism, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and long-durational performance in his practice. He travels the world teaching and performing tea ritual. In 2014 he co-founded the World Tea Gathering, a movement that explores tea as a universal culture promoting ‘togetherness’. Adam is highly ranked in his traditional tea school and in formal circles of Japanese tea ceremony. This makes his divergences from tradition all the more intriguing and profound. The themes explored in Adam’s art examine duality and the ephemeral beauty of life. Through the artist's communion between the old and new he seeks to elevate and disseminate timeless truth, wisdom, beauty, unity, sensuality and peace.