Akihiro Nikaido (Ceramics)


Akihiro Nikaido is a Japanese ceramic artist based in Mashiko, a town famous for its thriving ceramic art.

Nikaido explores his ideas of art through Japanese aesthetics. His work is a meditation on the thought that distinctly Japanese beauty is revealed through the use of vessels.

Nikaido takes an interest in Tea as an art that stimulates the five senses. He makes works to harness the sensorial experiences of a tea gathering, and has actively worked many times with tea masters, calligraphers, sweet makers and chefs to create tea gatherings that enrich the senses.

Nikaido’s works interweave both the beauty of symmetry and beauty of asymmetry.

He evokes the beauty of symmetry through suggesting the dynamics of celestial bodies and the flow of time. He inspires the beauty of asymmetry through evoking the rawness of earth bodies and erosion.