Erika Kobayashi

Erika Kobayashi is a Brazilian performer artist, an independent researcher specialising in Japanese culture and aesthetics, a sociologist, and a journalist. She participated in the Intensive Program in Body and Movement Studies at c.e.m. – centro em movimento (Lisbon, Portugal, 2015), an artistic program where she featured the performance Letras em dança  (Letters in dance) in the Pedras’15 Festival. Since 2002, Erika has studied Zen practices and has performed the Japanese tea ceremony for seven years. Erika aims to use tea as a way to pause and breathe in big cities and promotes tea gatherings in urban spaces, gardens, museums and cultural spaces (Museum Oscar Niemeyer, Inhotim, Japan House SP). Her performances combine the state of presence practised by Zen, with body and movement investigation, dance studies, exploring the bonds between body-place-people and promoting tea rituals silently influenced by the syncretism of Brazilian religious practices.