Tame Masahito

Masahito Tame has practised the tea ceremony for almost 40 years and was an active member of Urasenke Tankōkai Federation Youth Division in his 20s. At age 40 he renounced worldly affairs and commenced life as a mendicant tea monk, living from alms for tea. Now in his 60s, Tame san is part of the cultural landscape along the Kamo River in Kyoto, where he drives a moving teahouse and performs ‘Kamo-cha’ along the river. He refers to his practice as his ‘TEAcosystem’, which comprises the roots – peace, wellbeing, self-respect, diversity and ecology, and the branches – temae or forms of tea preparation, including etiquette, tea utensils and creativity. Tame san cultivates rare fruit in the ever-changing, spiritually profound world of tea. He believes world peace begins with respect for oneself and that periods of hardship cultivate life energy and perfect the soul.