Ying Christin Le

Born in Dinghai and raised in Oslo, Ying Christin Le believes art is the essence of life and an ontological process itself. After years of traveling around the world and accomplishing her studies in fine art and relational aesthetics in London, she founded Thirsty Moon in Berlin with artist Paul Sochacki, a tea art space specializing in Pu Erh leaves from native ancient tea trees in Yunnan. At Thirsty Moon, Ying hosts workshops focused on Chinese Cha Dao, using tea as the medium for daily affection and expansion to our bodily sensors. For her, the nature of the leaves and the memories being processed when the body resonates with intelligent of the tea plants are the most interesting aspect of the way we can drink tea. ThirstyMoon is deeply interested in how working with tea and sharing tea as a meditative practice have shaped and continue to contribute to peaceful thoughts and collective affections for the cultures around the world.